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Quick Cures
Urinary Tract Infections
The most common urinary tract infection in women is cystitis or bladder infection. If the urethra is infected it is called urethritis. A kidney infection is called pyelonephritis. Here is some advice to help with urinary tract infections.

Check yourself
You can buy self-detection strips that measure the pH of your urine. If the test indicates that you have an infection visit your doctor who can prescribe an antibiotic.
Drink cranberry
Cranberry has the potential to help urinary tract infections as both cranberries and blueberries posess "antiadhesion effects" which keep E. coli bacteria - the cause of most urinary tract infections - from attaching themselves to the cells lining the bladder. 4 to 6 ounces of cranberry juice taken daily for seven weeks may prevent urinary tract infections in certain cases.
Drink acidic fruit juice
The more acidic your urine the more hostile it is to bacteria so drink plenty of acidic fruit juices to help keep the bladder bacteria free.
Drink lots of water
Women in particular should drink six to eight glasses daily to urinate frequently, thereby keeping the bladder free of bacteria.
Clean habit
Make a habit of urinating after sexual intercourse as it can be mildly protective in preventing urinary tract infections.
Wipe correctly
After each bowel movement, women should wipe their bottoms with toilet paper from front to back which will keep you from infecting your bladder with bacteria from your fecal matter.

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