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Quick Cures
Sweating and Body Odour
Regular showers or baths are the first step in combating body odour followed closely by clean clothes and underwear. Using an antiperspirant or deodorant will also help keep sweating at bay, however news stories about mass-produced antiperspirants possibly contributing towards cancer have created a desire for more natural products.

These use essential oils such as sage, tea tree and lemon that combat odour, or crystal salts (minerals) that neutralise bacteria.

Excess sweating can be due to overweight, too much alcohol and spicy food so changing your diet could help.

In some instances it can be an indication of an underlying health condition such as an overactive thyroid or blood sugar problems.

Sweaty feet are a real turn-off. Again change socks regularly, wear socks made of natural fibres and leather shoes so feet can breathe and wash your feet regularly.

Try a foot deodorant containing mineral salts or tea tree oil, which is anti-fungal.

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