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Quick Cures
Stained Teeth
Stains on the surfaces of teeth result largely from foods, drinks and other substances you put into your mouth. A buildup of plaque or tartar on your teeth will absorb bacteria and also discolor teeth. Try to prevent it from happening and take prompt treatment with this advice.

Stop bad habits
Keep the substances that cause stained teeth out of your mouth to begin with. Smoking leaves a tarlike stain on your teeth. Coffee and tea also stain teeth. Citrus fruits and juices containing citric acid can eat away at your enamel and give staining substances a chance to take hold.
Drink water
Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking alcohol, which dries out and dulls the shine of bondings and crowns.
Brush regularly
If you are prone to teeth stains, brush your teeth not only after meals, but between them as well. Floss carefully as well to prevent stains from starting in the areas around and in between your teeth.
Visit your dentist
The professional cleaning your dentist does twice a year provides great protection from stains and you can visit more often if you are particularly prone to stains.

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