Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Sore Throat
A sore throat can cause great discomfort so follow the recommendations below to ease your symptoms.

Keep it moist
A dry, sore throat, needs lots of lubrication so try lozenges which coat your throat and reduce painful friction.
Try zinc
If you take zinc for your sore throat every 2 or 3 hours you should feel the soothing effects within a day.
A warm saltwater gargle reduces painful swelling in minutes, It also kills germs. Add half a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water, tip your head back and gargle the solution as often as you need relief.
Try ibuprofen
If your throat is inflamed ibuprofen is an effective pain reliver and anti-inflammatory and is easier on the stomach than aspirin. Always follow the direction and precautions on the packaging.

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