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Quick Cures
Raynaud's Disease
Raynaud's disease causes blood vessels in the hands and feet to suddenly constrict, slowing circulation and making fingers and toes turn blue with cold. Cold temperatures and emotional stress can bring on an attack. Warmth and relaxation generally helps although severe cases can be treated with drugs or surgery.

Warm up
Place your hands in warm - not hot - water for five minutes twice a day. This will allow your blood vessels to open up and carry more blood, making your fingers less sensitive to cold temperatures.
Carry a hand warmer
Carry a pocket-size hand warmer, or wear a pair of sock warmers. Wear socks under fur-lined boots, gloves inside mittens, earmuffs, heavy coats etc.
Protect your body
It's not just hands and feet that make you cold so protect your body by buttoning up your coat and keeping yourself wrapped up.
Turn off air-conditioning
If you suffer from Raynaud's a blast of cold air can turn your fingers blue, so try and turn off air-conditioners. If you cannot turn them off, carry a sweater and gloves with you wherever you go just in case you need them.
Be prepared
If you know you are going to come in contact with a source of cold make sure you take adequate protection before-hand.
Avoid certain drugs
Drugs such as decongestants, antihistamines, caffeine and nicotine, all cause blood vessels to constrict, increasing the frequence and length of Raynaud's symptoms.

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