Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Poison Ivy
If you think you have come into contact with Poison Ivy here is how to stop its active ingredient, urushiol, from taking effect.

Wash with alcohol
Splash the affected area of skin with rubbing alcohol as it's a good solvent for urushiol. However do not rub alcohol on your skin until you are away from the source. Alcohol will remove protective oils in your skin which means continued exposure would affect your skin even more.
Splash with water
After using alcohol wash the area with lots of water. If you don't have alcohol and think you've come into contact with Poison Ivy, wash the area with water as quickly as possible. If you're out hiking or walking, use your drink bottle, or find a stream.
Wash your clothes
Wash your clothes as soon as possible to remove the poisonous agent.
Use a solvent
Paint thinner or gasoline can remove urushiol from hand tools and other instruments or products you use outdoors. Do not use these solvents on your skin as they are too harsh.
Try a cream
There are barrier creams available for poison ivy and oak such as Ivy Shield. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

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