Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Motion Sickness
Car-sick, sea-sick or air-sick the symptoms of motion sickness are typically light-headedness, pallor, sweating, queasiness, then nausea and vomiting. When you first feel queasy try the following hints for relief.

Sit still
Sitting still with your head tilted back stablizies your head and minimizes the disorientation that seems to cause motion sickness.
Stare at a fixed object
Stare at a fixed object, or fix your gaze 45 degress above the horizon. If you're on an airplane try closing your eyes.
Take ginger
Powdered ginger tablets can be found in health food shops and may be effective in preventing motion sickness. Take two 450-milligram tablets about 10 minutes before your flight or cruise etc., and two more later if you start to feel queasy.
Try a "scop patch"
You could try wearing a "scop patch" which contains transdermal scopalamine. Scopalamine is slowly absorbed through the skin from a patch worn behind the ear and prevents motion-induced nausea. It is also less likely to make you feel drowsy than over-the-counter motion sickness drugs.

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