Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Leg Cramps
Sudden, exaggerated, unprovoked leg cramps are common for people in general and those on certain medications. Here are some suggestions to find relief.

Use massage
You can massage away calf cramp by grasping your toes and gently pulling them toward you. Use the other hand to rub lengthwise along the calf, from the back of the knee to the ankle. And always rub up and down the muscle, not across it. A heating pad or hot water bottle can also help.
Try Quinine or Q-Vel
Q-Vel is an over-the-counter quinine tablet designed to relieve nightime leg cramps. Quinine has been used to prevent and relieve nightime leg cramps since the 1930s.
Try Benadryl
Benadryl is an over-the-counter antihistamine which prevents leg cramps in some people.

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