Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Flatulence is caused by intestinal gas so follow the recommendations below to ease your symptoms.

Try kombu
Kombu is a sea vegetable sold in Japanese gourmet shops and health food stores which helps take the gas out of beans. Add the kombu to the beans you cook, and discard it with the cooking water.
Try anasazi beans
Anasazi beans produce less gas in the stomach than other legumes.
Break gas bubbles
Try an over-the-counter preparation containing Simethicone which is a nonprescription substance that breaks down large gas bubbles into easily burst smaller bubbles in the small intestine.
Try charcoal
Relieve flatulence and bloating by taking two activated charcoal tablets before eating and two afterwards. Activated charcoal binds to the gas, preventing it from causing problems. However, as charcoal binds to other substances as well, do not take it with supplements or medications, including birth control pills.

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