Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Cold Sores
People often think that weather is a cause of cold sores or fever blisters, but they are caused by a herpes virus that is triggered by intense exposure to ultraviolet light. If you act swiftly you can reduce the effect of cold sores.

Dab on cream
If you dab on an antiviral / cold sore cream as soon as you feel your skin tingling you may prevent the sore from appearing.
Use sun block
Always wear sun block, especially over the areas where you get cold sores. Use a lip blam with a sun protection factor of at least 15.
Use ice
Apply ice to the sore four or five times a day.
Wash and dry the sore
Keep the sore clean and dry by washing it with soap and water, then patting it dry.
Use vitamin B
Add a vitamin B supplement to your diet as it is good at preventing sores around the edges and in the corner of the mouth.
Use camphor
Camphor will dry your sore and help it go away. However, be careful as it is possible to dry the blister out so much that it may crack and bleed.
Try zinc
Apply a water-based zinc solution to the sore as soon as you feel the tingle. Zinc may inhibit the virus from duplicating. Apply the solution every 30 to 60 minutes during the onset of the sore.

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