Quick Cures


Quick Cures
Try the recommendations below to ease your bursitis.

Rub it
Rub the affected area to reduce the sensation of pain.
Freeze with ice
Slowly rub ice in circles on the spot that hurts. Within about 5 to 7 minutes, that spot will feel numb and your sensation of any pain will be reduced. Use ice massage three or four times daily until you're fully recovered. If you don't improve, or the pain gets worse, see a doctor.
Compress the pain
Wrap the aching area in an elastic bandage to reduce swelling and reduce the pain. Make sure the bandage is snug, but not too tight or applied for so long that it's uncomfortable or blocks the flow of blood. Look out for any swelling or discoloration anywhere on your arm. Remove the bandage when you have an ice massage and don't sleep with the bandage on.
Raise the area
Blood can pool in one area if left long enough. Keeping the hurt area raised above the level of the heart, or in a sling to restrict motion, helps control swelling and pain.
Swing your arms
When your pain has mostly gone, begin performing gentle range-of-motion exercises that put the joint through all its moves and prevents it from stiffening up. For example, lean over and grasp the back of a chair with your uninjured arm, letting yout tender arm hang down. Start swinging it back and forth and side to side until you get it going in circles. Do this for no more than 2 minutes at a time, several times a day; stop if it hurts or feels painful.

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