Quick Cures


Quick Cures
If you have bronchitis there are some ways you can find relief.

Although unpleasant, the cough is effective and necessary. Coughing up the "stuff" down in your lungs stops it from settling which could case lung collapse, further bronchitis and you could develop pneumonia.
Drink plenty of liquid
Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids is one of the best and time-efficient ways to thin out the secretions and bring up phlegm.
Try red pepper
Consuming foods rich in capsaicin - the "hot" in hot pepers and other foods is a good way to relieve congestion. If it makes your eyes water it makes your nose and lungs water too. Foods such as hot pepper, mustard, curry or garlic stimulate the same reflex as popular expectorants.
Wrap up
Temperature changes may influence lung disease mechanisms that could affect bronchitis sufferers. Learn to put a scarf around your mouth and nose to avoid a rush of cold air when outside.

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