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Quick Cures
Athlete's Foot
Athlete's Foot is a skin disease caused by a fungus and can leave your feet burning, itching, cracking and blistering. If left untreated you can expect chronic discomfort, however spend some time on your feet and you can expect relief.

Put on flip-flops
If somebody else has athlete's foot it's very easy to catch, so wear protection on your feet, especially in communal areas such as the locker and shower rooms in health clubs.
Dry between your toes
Thoroughly dry between your toes after bathing as athlete's foot usually forms on the skin between the toes due to moisture. Shoes create a warm, dark, humid atmosphere for your feet which is ideal for the athlete's foot fungus. Try and remove your shoes and socks when possible to let your feet "breathe".
Change your socks regularly
Changing your socks two or three times a day prevents moisture from building up. You can also use Odour Eaters to absorb perspiration in your shoes.
Change your shoes regularly
Don't wear your shoes now and again to let them dry out, especially if you wear light and airy shoes. It reduces perspiration and discourages fungus from growing in them.
Soak your feet
Soaking your feet in a salt and warm water (saline) solution combats the fungus, while at the same time softening the affected skin.
Use an antifungal cream or powder
For mild cases of athlete's foot an over-the-counter antifungal product can be effective. Apply them after soaking your feet which helps the product penetrate more deeply.
Powder your feet and shoes
Using an antifungal powder on your feet and shoes increases the powder's effectiveness.
Apply a hydrocortisone cream
Using a hydrocortisone cream is an option for severe athlete's foot or when the itching just won't stop. However, be careful as more than a week of use can cause increased itching and a rash.

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