Quick Cures


Quick Cures
As many as 10 percent of Americans have asthma and often the quickest relief comes from using medication. However, there are other ways to quickly get your breathing under control.

Have a warm drink
Any warm liquid may help lessen the severity of asthma attacks. Cold liquids irritate bronchial tubes, while warm liquids have the opposite effect.
Try a caffeine shot
The caffeine in tea or coffee opens airways much like the inhalers used by asthmatics. Cola may have the same effect, although if it's cold it can irritate bronchial tubes.
Drink plenty of water
Every day you should have at least four to six glasses of liquid. The more liquids you consume, the less thick your mucus will be.
Get a flu jab
Viruses are one of the key factors that trigger asthma attacks so get a flu jab every year.
Cough in the morning
The cough reflex shuts down during sleep, but a big cough releases much of the mucus that can accumulate overnight in the bronchial tree.

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